Saturday, May 08, 2010

I didn't have to ask


When you coyly touch someone's nose, you must say "bing!". This is an unspoken law.

It has always amazed me how one can feel like a sexy beast yet look about as far from sexy as possible.

That beat, I cannot resist! I'll just throw my gun over here to co-mingle with the copious amounts of extension cords and mystery things bagged in black plastic while I strap on my steam driven testicular hoist and bust a move.

Are those tow straps?

A lacrosse helmet with shiny bows stuck to the top?

Are those perhaps....reflective tow straps?

What the hell is on that dartboard? I'm guessing it's
  • The Venus of Willendorf

  • That make the poison sandwich move never grows old.

    That lie on the floor convulsing (alright, doing 'dick-ups') while reverse straddled by a sparring partner shaking his ass like two cans of old paint being remixed at the hardware store because someone was too cheap to buy new paint move, will hopefully die in its infancy.

    Black pants = Sexy
    Waist high pants made from black painted cardboard = not sexy.

    Wait, is that Receiver Boy?! I thought he was killed in ep 47 by Power Sergio....

    What earns one the right to wear a pink Drama Queen sash in Afghanistan?

    Only those who can breech the defenses of Fortress Telephone shall win my heart!

    Thanks to Joss Whedon, blue latex gloves will always be creepy as fuck and thus decidedly UNsexy.



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