Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sofiya Rag Doll

Hey kids! Bounty Hunting was never as much fun (or successful) as it could be with your very own Sofiya Doll!

Sofiya Doll is stuffed with tacks and iron filings

Awesome Offer!
Act now and fill out the enclosed demographics information form, being sure to attach hair and blood samples to the appropriate cards! Then leave it in the predetermined location* with three thousand Solars in a Vaasi bag and you too can get the Vallaki Wanteds Weekly, just like Sofiya does!

*For predetermined location, check inside flap of Mister Amaril Doll swag bag number six, follow the map drawn there and check out the fourth volume of Practical Alchemical Arts Explained, the one with the raggedy spine. Turn to page twenty nine, count down three paragraphs to the fourth word listed which will name the location of predetermination!



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