Thursday, September 14, 2006

Spring Fashion Previews

Using state of the art microweave 'Genkei' fibers that react to body temperature, humidity and subcutaneous blood flow, Diane Von Furstenberg brings us the first 'Mood Dress'. Lovely Elsa shows off this delightful tea frock that according to the Many Moods color chart indicates that she is both fertile and aloof. The buff-colored sash gives a frame of reference by showing what the fabric looks like in it's neutral state, when not in direct contact with the skin. In a bold move Ms. Von Furstenberg has made the Many Moods color charts available for sale seperately from her fashions. Those who want to know just what their own dress is saying as well as would-be watchers of ladies who wear these dresses need only buy a comprehensive, fashionably priced, tri-fold brochure that has been silk screened onto stiffened Genkei fabric.

Phillip Lim's sailcloth overalls coupled with a bright floral print on triple starched poplin help maintain correct posture when supervising the garden staff. Pre-rolled mock sleeves add a hard working touch, while impractical China Doll slippers ensure that you can do little but stare menacingly and encourage overtime with no pay via veiled threats of deportation.

Date rape was never so shiek! Alice Roi's monochrome offering screams "I woke up in my yoga teacher's loft after I accidentally spilled wine all over myself and passed out during a chakra adjustment session and all I could find to wear when I woke up in his room the next morning naked, hung over and alone, was this".

Cosplay makes the runway with this loose interpretation of Princess Paulownia from her early exile years (eps 23-44 according to WikiKawaii). Clever use of recycled fishnets and Royal Puce miniature figurine paint evoke the passionate "Betrayal in the Jungle" scene of ep 26, while the onyx and jet talisman is clearly an exact copy of the one given to her by Sorisato on his deathbed in ep 39.

Sporting a NASCAR inspired grille to accent her turgid purple and red sequined evening gown Wanda-jo smiles for the many photographers at her first runway show. Actual ancient Peruvian tree frog skull hoop earrings add weight to the classic Sam's Club Gin N' Juice-Can hairdo to complete this colorful spring ensemble.


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