Monday, January 19, 2009

There's a world going on underground and a candle in the wind gets snuffed out pretty much, what else it gonna do, you need a miner's lamp for the serious Darktimes spelunking, debunking and rethunking you oughtta done last year but a stone sits a lot more than it rolls along, rolls up and becomes a paper weight on the manifestos of dreams that might be realized were it not for the whole nagging sensation that no shoulda been yes and maybes a hearty no and yes woulda been better off left unsaid altogethers but isn't that why every day is a whole new chance to mean well but repeat the same old things over and over and change is just a word to most people who don't have children in nappies but that's what it's really about, cleaning up what's waste
and turning it into golden days instead of windows that closed while you were still musing what might be gleaned without notice cause every dog has it's day but that's usually dog kicking day and it's best to stay down boy, stay down and how low can you go well that's why they invented negative numbers, red and black and forgery which is just a minor cantrip of illusion and who doesn't love a good self deluding illusion that everyone can agree on top of the world must mean something or everything you did meant nothing in this is the end my only friend does your heart weigh more than the truth.